How to use the app

Install set of diagnostic pain questions

After installing the application on your device you can download a set of the pain question in 17 languages. This can be done once. To do this, go to the settings screens (Press the settings icon in the footer menu bar). In this screen you will see a link to download the sample set.

Adding your own questions

You can add any question that you see fit to the application. Press the button in the upper right corner + Language to add a questions. The form contains a couple of fields:
  • Button; This field contains the text that will be displayed in the list of questions.
  • Language; This field contains a flag and a textfield. Select the appropriate flag from the country list by pressing the flag and scrolling through the list. You can adjust the country name to anything you like. This field is not shown to the patient, but is for your reference to what language is being displayed.
  • Question; Here you type the question that will be show to the patient.
  • Left marker; Here you include the text that should be displayed at the left hand of the scale.
  • Right marker; Here you include the text that should be displayed at the right hand of the scale.
  • Display in list; This checkbox can be used to show or hide the question in the list of questions. Unchecking this will move the question to the end of the list. All unchecked questions are stored at the end of the list.
  • Save button; press this to save your changes.
Tip: When adding a new questions you can mail it to a mail account on your device and easily copy paste the translations from there into the form field of the app.

Changing the order of your questions

The questions are ordered in two columns, starting left-down, right down. You can change the order of the questions by long-pressing them until the become dark. You can then move the questions around in the list, or to a different screen. Releasing the question will position it in the nearest position.

Hide, Edit and Delete

In the settings screen any question will have three actions:
  • Show / hide checkbox; use this to hide a question from the selection list. Any question that is unchecked will be moved to the end of the list, so that the order of the questions that are displayed is identical to the order of the questions in the settings screen. Checking a question again will not put it back in its original place, so you will have to move it around again to put it in the right spot.
  • Edit; this will show you the form where you can edit the questions and end marker texts.
  • Delete; This will delete the question. This cannot be undone, so once a question is deleted you will need to add it again manually. The demo set of questions can only be installed once after installation. You cannot reinstall individual questions. Be careful with deleting questions.

Create any set of questions

Combine multiple questions in the same language or the same question in multiple languages, or both. Its up to you how you`d like to use the app. You can add multiple diagnostic questions in the same language or include a number of different languages. Drag and drop the questions to put the same languages together for easy overview. Any combination is possible.

Supports and combines different scripts and languages

The application supports Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese characters along with many other types of script. You can also combine different scripts in one question. This might be useful to include an explanation in your own language in the question, to avoid possible confusion on what question is being asked to the patient.

Toggle screen elements

You can choose to hide or display the faces under the slider bar, the supporting texts left and right of the scale and the value that is indicated in the slider. Simply press the three icons below the slider to toggle them on or off. Any combination is possible. The last settings that you used will be remembered when opening the app again.